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How to Write a Donation Acknowledgement Letter

I get it...you're new to fundraising and don't know how to write a donation acknowledgement letter.

Here is my secret sauce for a donor acknowledgement letter that you can plug and play information.

The secret sauce....


<Address Block>

Dear <Mr./Ms. or <First Name> depending on the relationship,

[First paragraph - list amount, what it supports, and what organization it supports] Your gift of <amount> to support our <insert program/fund/initiative it supports> is greatly appreciated by all of us at <name of organization>. Thank you!

Second Paragraph - what does this gift help the organization do] Because of supporters like you, we are able to...OR we are one step closer to...

[Third Paragraph - when will you talk to them next? how will you update them on the project, etc.] We hope you will join us for lunch and a tour to see first-hand the difference your support makes...OR We are planning on breaking ground in two months...OR we are planning to use your support next month to purchase...

[Fourth Paragraph - thank them again for their support and include language to show the relationship they have with the organization] Thank you for your ongoing support to <name of organization>. You know more than most that your support is necessary for...



<Signatory's Name>

<Signatory's Title>

{P.S. Statement - this should refer to the main message of the letter, serve as a save the date, or note another important milestone/detail] P.S. Thank you for...OR Save the date for...OR Check out the progress of...

[Include tax-deductible information in the footer. Make sure it is accurate and reflects goods and services received at an event, if applicable] <Organization's Name> is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous donation.

Additional criteria:

**Always include a personalized hand-written note where the person's name is re-written in the note!

-People read the first sentence and the P.S. statement first!

-Keep paragraphs to no more than 3-4 lines.

-Have the first sentence in each paragraph indented and line up with the last word of the last sentence in the paragraph. This is visually appealing and proven to be easier for people to read and follow along with their eyes.

-Create templates for the types of gifts you receive and easy merge fields for the relationship.

-Don't be afraid if the salutation is formal, allow for the signer to cross it out and put the informal - unless it's an embarrassing mistake, it shows that the signer knows them.

-Keep it short and sweet.

-Consider including photos in the body of the letter.

-Include event details and language if the gift if for an event.